A guide to modern yoga and living
mindfully in the real world




There is a set of unspoken rules that govern the way men are supposed to act and behave – act tough, don’t cry, win at all costs and these rules are passed down from generation to generation. A shift has happened and the world has opened up to a more conscious way of living, a more compassionate way of living.

Boys of Yoga’s Sit Down, Be Quiet is a straightforward book for the modern male who’s ready to step in and start taking control of their own identity and mental well-being. It’s time to smash the stereotypes and appreciate that It’s cool to be kind, self- aware and non-judgemental. Through practising yoga – working inside as well as out and adopting a mindful approach to the everyday, this book celebrates the way in which guys can take the first steps to a healthier, happier life in the here and now.

Published by Thorsons, a subsidiary of Harper Collins UK 



"I love it! Sit Down, Be Quiet is fantastic. I love the message of BOYS OF YOGA and the new conversation they’re bringing to the world.”

Katie Strick, Feature Writer, Evening Standard

"Michael James Wong is a student, a teacher, a humble soul brother and a visionary leader. As a student and as a teacher, his respect of the traditions is his priority, and as a person he is deeply dedicated to creating conversation and conscious community.  Globally his work with mindfulness in real world living is much needed, and I trust him to bring fun, wit and elegance to this modern practices of yoga"

Elena Brower, Mama, Teacher, Author, Speaker

"As a Grandfather of Yoga I feel very happy and proud to see these sincere and wholehearted teachers reaching out to the male students of yoga all over the world. Training professional athletes for almost 16 years, like the German National Football Team, and current Fifa World Cup Champions, I see the positive physical and mental benefits of Yoga for Men every day."

Patrick Broome, Yoga Teacher to the German National Football Team & 2014 Fifa World Cup Champions

"I Love Michael James Wong. There. Said it. This young Yogi gives me faith in the future of Yaga. He has found a way to embody Yoga: he is exuberant and calm. He is sensitive and grounded. He goes his own way and builds community. He is the real deal. I am truly happy Michael is in my world and the world. I am excited about Michael’s new book! It is an invitation to “Boys” and men alike to jump in to the great practice of Yoga. It is pretty and raw, smart and sweet. You’ll love it, too."

Annie Carpenter, International Yoga Teacher and Creator of SMARTFLOW Yoga

"Michael James Wong has started a movement that is a true connection point for our global community helping to give a voice to all the guys out there ready to step onto the mat. As a man, having the confidence in a spandex world isn't easy, but it just got a lot easier with Boys of Yoga leading the way.”

Alan Steel, Managing Director Wanderlust UK / South Europe / Scandics / Benelux / MENA